The most anticipated time of the year has arrived! Winter brings with it so many reasons to be happy: longer nights, better sleep, cold weather, and comfortable clothes. While you're relishing the cooler weather, your hair may be telling a different story.

Winter can be rough on your scalp and hair, causing excessive dryness. However, with the right winter hair care tips, you can easily solve this problem. All you have to do is make a few adjustments to your hair care routine.

If you don't take the proper precautions, the dry winter air can wreak havoc on your hair. During these months, your hair loses moisture more easily, making it brittle, prone to damage, and frizzy. This not only causes damage, but also causes scalp dryness and invites dandruff, which can be embarrassing.

So, how do you care for your trees in order to reduce the harsh effects of winter and avoid damage? We've compiled a list of effective winter hair care tips and tricks that you can use to achieve healthy hair this season. For natural black hair colour visit indus valley. 

  1. Keep your Scalp and Hair Nourished :

During this time, keep your winter outfits and hair oils close at hand. One of the most important winter hair care tips is to apply oil to your hair and scalp to effectively combat dryness. To avoid split ends during this time of year, focus on the tips as well as the scalp.

If you have a naturally dry scalp that becomes drier in the winter, nourish your hair with oils like coconut oil or castor oil. Allow the oil to absorb for at least two hours before washing it away.

  1. Limit the Use of Styling Tools :

We know you have a busy schedule and can't live without your favourite hair straightener or curling iron. However, your hair becomes more prone to damage during the winter, and using heat styling tools excessively will only cause additional dryness and breakage.

Reduce your use of these tools, but if you must, spritz them with heat protection spray before styling to prevent damage.

This winter hair care tip will keep your hair healthy all season long.

  1. Limit the Number of Times you Wash your Hair :

Because your scalp will not become as oily as it usually does during the winter, you will not need to wash your hair as frequently. Limit your shampooing to twice a week to allow your scalp to effectively distribute its natural oils. Washing your hair too frequently can result in excessive dryness, itchy scalp, and dandruff.

Follow this winter hair care tip throughout the season to avoid unpleasant scalp issues. You can also buy a gentle, nourishing shampoo that will not cause dryness.

  1. Do Not go out with Wet Hair :

Drying your hair in the winter can be difficult, especially if you have long, thick hair. An important winter hair care tip to remember is to completely dry your hair before leaving the house. The cold weather outside increases drying time and makes it more susceptible to damage.

Furthermore, the cold expands your hair shaft, putting it at risk of breakage as well as faster colour fading.


1. Which is the best hair colour?

Indus valley organic and natural brown hair colour is best in India. 

1. Which oils are the best for winter hair?

During the winter, coconut, olive, castor, and almond oils are ideal. These oils penetrate the hair follicles and repair them from within.

2. Is it true that hair loss increases during the winter?

The dry winter air draws moisture from your scalp, making it more prone to damage. This results in significant hair loss.

3. Is olive oil good for winter hair?

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, both of which are beneficial to hair growth. It penetrates and nourishes your hair shaft better than most oils.